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I'll come to you
On that fettered night
In that place between waking and sleeping
I'll pick and poke
Your breath I'll choke
You dreams I'll shatter,suddenly
Sweet sleep evades you
On this night
I'll ask so much of you
And if your memory
Serves you well
You'll know it all was true.
(c) Penny Little

 The Dream

Come back in the dream and walk with me
And try to trace our steps
I showed you all
My life
My hopes
You didn't want to see.
Dismissing all I tried to offer
Your attention was only gained
When an old and battered tombstone
Finally caught your eye
You stroked it softly
Fingertips tracing it's words of grief
Etched away be time
And your heart cried
For the angel
The angel that had fallen.

(c) Penny Little.2010

Brambles,Ivy and Bind Weed

We accuse them
Invaders of our space
We believe
Their paths are set
On destruction
But it is we
Who offend
By building and clearing
And if
I were to lay in stores
And shut the doors
How long would it be
Until Nature
Clawed back her own.

(c) Penny Little 2010

 The Love

In those small thoughts
The love I have for you
Take them.
As a child takes treasured stones and hides them in their pocket.
Hold them somewhere.
Lest they get lost on the way to your heart.

(c) Penny Little2011

Man and Mouse

A man lived in a house with a very  big mouse
and  the  mouse loved  to bounce.

(c) Jade Baker 2010

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