Winter Cloak

I wear my winters as a safe, dark cloak
Proclaiming to all of my loathing of them
Itís my time.

I shed my cloak with reluctance and fearing
The layers revealing the seasonís wrath
Iím not fine.

The mirrors are hidden away from view
For dread of catching a glimpse of me
Iím not mine.

This heart that beats with trembling and flutter
Now knows the grace of staying inside me
For a time.

Transitionís not easy to comprehend
When hope for the future is failing me
Itís a mime.

Aellia 2005

Pretty One

What will you give me,pretty one?
For favours in return.
Your shaven hair,so soft,so gold?
That I may freely burn
What will you lend me,pretty one?
To help you on your way.
Your silver jewels,so bright,so bold?
That I may smelt, I pray
What will you leave me pretty one?
When you have gone before.
Your blue eye lain on silk
And then I'll ask no more.
(c) Penny Little 2005

I walk in the shadow of the uncertainty of my life
Daily pleasures decrease
And allow my head to fill
With thoughts I'd rather not think
And images I'd rather not see.
The run away thought is there.

So difficult when nobody else knows
The burden is all on yourself
I hear the cool,clear rain fall down
And want to lie beneath it
To wash away these ropes
That trap me with their knots.

A pattern reapeated,I've seen it all before
The sparkle fading slowly
A life of not bothering
The neglecting of loved ones
A fear and foreboding
Don't let it happen to me
(C) Penny Little 2005
Letting You Go

My arms, that have held you for so long,

Over such great distance

Will now unfold and release you.

My hands, that have stroked away your tears

With imaginary softness

Will fall to my lap in stillness

My words, that have soothed your turmoil

And I hope that I chose them well

Will remain unspoken now

My thoughts, that were always with you

Through all those troubled times

Will, now, not come so often

But my heart, that was heavy for you

For days, and months and years

Will always be yours to call on

My eyes cannot see these words I write

Tears cloud my view

I always will love you.

Fly high and free.

(c) Penny Little 2004

 Dark Valentine

Did you call me as I ran?
The deep red blood,fusing with the black lace of my flowing skirt.
Did you shout my name?
As the granite shards gashed my frozen toes.
Did I love you once?
Before my freedom called.
Did my wild heart hear you?
Or was it the mournful wind, pushing me forth,with never a glance back?

(c) Penny Little 2005

For You

I have stood as still
As a berry
Encased in winter's ice.

I have sent my will
Like an eagle
Aloft on stormy skies.

I have scorched the earth
With my fire
Ablaze on stoney ground.

And I've shed a tear
From my heart
For a love lost
Then found

(c) Penny Little 2004


I didn't know then, but I know now
That my spirit would fly to the heights of joy and then plunge to the depths of trial
I was not prepared for this roller coaster ride, and kept things inside
For a while.

I couldn't have known, 'til you told me
Of secrets and plans, crying out for love beyond the hurt and pain
I did not enter lightly into your world of truths
Would I gain?

So, I trusted you, and you led me
Took me inside, pointed me out and found the inner part of me that lay
Buried by time and rot and decay
Will you stay?

(c) Penny Little 2003
Ode To A Feind

I miss it,
Immensely, at times.
It was my friend
The loosener of my tongue
My confidence
And a way to access my innermost thoughts
It beckoned it's crooked finger
It gleamed it's crystal shine
It became my master
And I the mistress, to do as pleased it
It deluded me to point of near insanity
It twisted and turned me
Cooled me,yet burned me
Threw away my fears
Returning them in the light of reality
No place was to obscure for it
No time was right or wrong
It covered up my weaknesses
And told me I was strong.
So I killed it
Wrung its neck and spit it out

(c) Penny Little 2003

Blind Fairy

She couldn't see
Born like it
They said
Tempted, more like
By the early morning dew
And the bathing of eyes
Reseverved for mortals
Insights and visions
But still she flew
Crashing and falling
Until the night
Of the acid rain
As she woke
Lifting toward the sky
Her orbs of darkness
Bathed again
And sight
Sweet sight
Yet never again
Could humans
Harness the power
Of purity
(c) Penny Little 2008
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